Friday, July 18, 2008

Poo Poo Copter

Jacob is the cutest little man in the world. His gold locks and perfect smile make everyone melt He also has a sort of intensity normally not seen in a 2 year old. And more than, I think, any of our kids, Jacob is very happy entertaining himself. This afternoon Lorette took off early to go to a Synchro meet. I was finishing some work. Ella, the baby was asleep, the older kids were watching TV, and Jacob was playing by himself. After a while I asked Jake what he was doing, and he came over to me, solemn and serious, and handed me a toy helicopter that he had been playing with. I noticed that the copter had some mud on it, and it took me a couple of seconds to remember that Jake hadn't been playing outside...

Apparently he had tried to turn the helicopter into a submarine, and have it dive into the darkest depths of his diaper. But alas, the copter made it out, and to celebrate the occasion, Jacob gave his prized gift to me.

After a couple of dry heaves, a ton of soap, and half a container of wipes, Jake was clean. But Dad will be scarred forever.
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Rebecca said...

Dave, I know you have tons of time! post more on your blogs!